Sidney, Montana now has one of the few Virtual Shooting Ranges, open for public use, in the country.  Utilizing equipment manufactured for Military and Law Enforcement training, you are able to improve your marksmanship on individual simulated ranges. Perfect for first time shooters learning the fundamentals of firearms or adjust several environmental variables such as Temperature, wind speed and direction and more, to challenge even the most experienced marksman. No outside firearms or ammunition are permitted in Shootin’ Blanks, Inc. Just choose from their brand new arsenal of firearms including a large selection of semi-automatic pistols, AR-15 rifles and revolvers. These real weapons have been retrofitted with infrared lasers and teatherless CO2 Recoil Kits to give you the most safe, realistic and accurate weapons ever used on a simulated range. There are also a couple interactive simulators to accommodate up to 3 shooters at the same time. These offer video simulations from Entertaining scenarios, including Zombies, Wild West and Chaos City, for the general public to real life scenarios for military and law enforcement training. Even if shooting is not your sport, you are welcome to stop by and view our selection of unique retail items. Shootin’ Blanks, Inc. looks forward to providing a safe place for skill building entertainment to the public as well as state of the art simulated training for the Military and Law Enforcement.