The V-Range Marksmanship Simulator


58 Targets - 6 Enviroments - 8 Courses of Fire


Designed for Marksmanship Training and Skill Building. Its Ballistic Accuracy, Varying Distances and Environmental Variables make it ideal for those interested in improving your shooting skills.


Pick a weapon off the wall, zero your weapon with our 6 shot process and begin training. You will receive two magazines to get you started. This allows you to perform magazine exchanges at your requested magazine round count.  Pick up a 15 or 20 min range pass for around $15. Shots are not limited and a magazine reload only requires a 10sec charge in the refill station. Magazines will last approx 30 - 50 rounds at full recoil. Full recoil is equivalent to a .380cal handgun. The AR Magazines will be a stronger recoil and last longer than the handgun mags. 





Courses of Fire on the V-Range


  • Handgun

    • Daytime Qualification

    • Nighttime Qualification

    • 15 Yard Qualification

    • Shapes Drill

    • Free Fire

  • Rifle

    • ​100 Yard Qualification

    • Known Distance Drill

    • Ivan Drill

    • Shapes Drill

    • Free FIre