Video Simulators


1 - 3 Friends shooting together on a 7' x 12' screen with 5.1 surround sound keeping you completely immersed in the action as you save Fairview from thugs and looters, quickdraw on bandits to free a mistress in distress and report to calls where you are required to exterminate zombies. Practice your tactical skills while running through state of the art entertaining video simulators. You can also choose from other skill building scenarios such as Hogans Alley, Hogans office and shoot houses where you navigate through different environments and use your judgment as targets slide out and face you for short amounts of time. Be careful which targets you shoot because not everyone is a lethal threat. 





Watch bottles bust as you shoot them off a concrete wall and don't worry about the clean up, we've got it covered. Compete with a fellow marksman on our dueling tree or run a drill on a 5 steel target hostage course. Your identification and reaction time will be tested when you begin the live target drill. This drill consists of three animated paper targets that face and point something at you. It's up to you to decide which one has the gun before you get shot. Be sure not to shoot the guy wanting to take your picture with his cell phone.

If you're wanting to train for some real life situations then you will want to explore our Personal Protection Scenarios. These scenarios are selected from a training program we make available to Military and Law Enforcement. Here you will be put in situations that get your heart racing and will require you to make real decisions in real time. Find yourself in the middle of a convenience store hold up, home invasion or a robbery.  There are different outcomes related to your response time and accuracy. The instructor also has branching options to change the way each scenario plays out. Practice your verbal commands, advance and retreat. You are in a 15' x 24' area with room to move around and train at the highest level possible.

Coming Soon so Keep in Touch !
10/2015 _ Alien Invasion Competition Shoot. Individual Shooter Scoring!
      2015 _ Outdoor/Hunting Scenarios
                  Competitive Shooting League - 4 Person Teams
We are continuously building new scenarios and target shoots
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